~dunia adalah sebuah JAMBATAN AKHIRAT~


i am trying to post something beneficial for the readers.
last semester,i have just finished learning about UNDERSTANDING ISLAM.
my lecturer,ustazah sabariah maarof has advised us to practice the knowledge and try to deliver it as well as you can.especially all the ayah al-quran that we have memorized.
she said...'because in the akhirah, Allah will ask you whether you deliver the teaching that you have learnt from the quran or not...'
So,i take this path by blogging to share anything that i can.

a story about a religious man who never neglects his daily prayer, always adheres injunction and avoid prohibition.
One day,he saw a beautiful woman and as usual........ a man fall in love with a beautiful woman..
He tried to approach her and then from day to day their relationship becomes more closer than before..
As time goes,his yearning towards the woman is increasing and they decided to have a date.
Before he left,he bring nothing except two slice of bread.
as they met in the woman's house~~~ending by fornication to make it short...
So,all of his good deeds are useless.......because he has done a greatest sin..
during his journey to back home, a beggar stopped him and asked for some money..
he has nothing to give??? 'how come i can leave him without nothing...'his heart saying.oh!!!!here....' he gave the bread that he brought from home although he felt hungry that time..
when measuring the weight of all his good deeds~very pity....
because the sin he has done is heavier that them.......
when adding the action with what he gave to the beggar~~
the scales is heavier at the good side........this is all because of sincerity...........

Hence, in friendship for example we must sincere towards each other without thinking about popularity,money,cleverness,power,or what so ever~~

even Rasullullah s.a.w said 'Allah neither see at your body nor your face,but He sees your heart' and rasullullah points out his chest.