being a generous doctor

you know, today i would like to write about one of my clinical lecturer. we called him mr faidzal.
during my foundation,he was the one that interviewed me before passing me to enter medical course. my pointer was 3.9 that time and we need to attend an interview to  make sure that we are really taking medical course because of our strong passion towards this career. today, in paediatrics ward when i'm observing some procedures, the HO in that procedure room told us that they are very tired, and they said that they cannot cope it anymore and being a housewife is the best thing rather than working in hospital.
its make me feel down... ok akak.. lemah pulak saya dengar kalau akak2 cakap macam tu.. =(

but its ok,
lets change the topic today.
i just want to share this story and i hope one day when i become a doctor i will not forget about this
.to become a generous doctor. my lecturer mr faidzal. he was very kind.

i know some story about him from my friend who was doing surgical posting that time. one of his patient who is very  very very poor but need to do "fistula" for haemodialysis. that patient also had no transport to come to hospital. he refused to do the fistula just because he dont have money. but then mr faidzal was very concerned about his patient and he was willingly to come to the hospital which was nearest to that patient's house area and he sponsored him.the fistula was done to that patient.

you know, sometimes we need to sacrifice our money, our energy for people in need. i hope one day, if i have a chance and have a better life, i should never forget about this thing. just to help people. as we make people's life easier in this dunya Allah promised that He will make our life easy in the akhirah.
ok have a nice day. =p