my dedicated lecturers

Mr yan my lecturer .
I just admire him because he is very committed and i like the way of his teaching methods with interesting videos. In my eye,he trying his best to make us understand and always asks us to give him any questions. The way he treats us..such a responsible teacher trying his best to convey knowledge to us.

When i was admitted to ward surgery, dr yan and dr naser having ward round. I can see from my bed, just watching them doing their job.They are very dedicated. hope i can be like them even better than them amin..

Besides them',actually all my lecturers are very2 nice. I love them!!!! They are very nice and always try their best to make us understand the topics. They are patients and never feel tired in conveying the medical and even ISLAMIC knowledge.always remind us to be the good doctors,being humble, and everything about akhlak!!tq doctors because always nuture us with positive attitudes.
Prof naznin,prof nasar,prof hasan,prof pakeer,dr imad deen,dr imad matloub,dr ahmed kait,dr imam,dr lela,dr zunariah,dr jamal,dr razman,dr imad nafie,dr maung maung cho, dr khin maung maung, dr nurin khin, dr norsidah, dr anil, dr nilar aung, dr aung gi,dr yi yi mint,dr ye tun,dr zamzila,,dr hairul aini,dr s.farid,dr saad.

I just remember about dr imad nafie, during the first session pbl the first block first year,we are freshie that time, just new and being expose with medical knowledge with packs schedules. That time dr imad nafie gave his best explaining about upper limb during pbl session which should be OUR discussion.he already delivered it in the class but he still trying to teach us again to let us understand better. Even after finished the pbl session he already went out from the class but suddenly after seconds he appeared again and he asked us you wants some helps from me ? Anything? Questions? Understand or not? Such a very responsible teacher,tq doctor...,

They are nice!!!tq for being my lecturers. May God bless your efforts.

Allah said in surah al asr;
Surat Al-'Asr

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

By Al-'Asr (the time).

Verily! Man is in loss,

Except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth (i.e. order one another to perform all kinds of good deeds which Allah has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which Allah has forbidden), and recommend one another to patience (for the sufferings, harms, and injuries which one may encounter in Allah's cause)

Note 4me n 4u: dont ever give excuses dont ever say you are tired with your works especially when you working as a doctor, because everything you do, especially the responsible you have,will then be asked in the hereafter by Allah subhanahuwataalla.hope you can cope with your work in the future!!! Gambateeeeee!!!!!


Study awal2..biarkan sedikit asalkan consistent

Sekejap je masa berlalu, i just remember one thing,
Saya dengan tah apa bendanya menangis waktu kakak saya kahwin,bukannya sebab sedih dia dah kahwin tapi menangis bila tengok notes psychology yang susah betul nak faham..and saya tension sangat sebab waktu tu study week..memang spoil kan sampai kakak saya pujuk janganlah nangis,lepas ni nak amik gambar.aahhhh kesian nya kakak saya tu..saya spoil kan mood dia! Saya dah kunci bilik elok2 dah,budget takde orang tau saya nanges..hehe kakak saya pon ketuk-ketuk bilik, she's calling me.bukak pintu,buka pintu,,i just keep quiet like no body at home..haha suddenly, click!!!tombol pintu terbukak!!dia ada kunci pendua ok!!!kantoilah sudah..drama sedih2 berlaku..haha

So pengajrannya kalau saya study molek2 tak tangguh2 leh je enjoy the wedding!!!!! Sorry my lovely sister..

I was very lucky!!! After the wedding end, I got 3bar of chocolate cadburry..the BIG bar ok!!my brother in law bagi..haha ni mesti kakak saya main story telling dengan husband dia.

Ok,i need some booster right now.takdek coklat lagi ke???hehehe