why and how to love nabi Muhammad s.a.w

Nabi Muhammad s.a.w was a rahmatan lil alamin.(peace be upon him.

he loves us. he always prayed for us. he is the one who will give syafaah for his ummat (Muslim).
he woke up at night for tahajud prayer and he prayed for us... he loves his ummat. if you love Muhammad, follow him. follow his sunnah. he cried for his ummat.

how to become a good muslim.
ask Allah for forgiveness.do taubat nausha. don't repeat the mistakes.pray tahajud. ask Allah to for us to become a soleh person. pray to give us barakah in our life.
 pray for istiqamah in doing good deeds. do cognitive therapy. take 5minutes to always ponder about the creations  and relate it with the greatness of Allah.
always remember  the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. his ethics(adab) his good akhlak is super awesome. even he was chased out,  being treated badly by quraisy but he still show good ethics towards them.  be like him. try to be better everyday. try the best to become a good muslim.you still not love the prophet until you lovr him more than your parents, family and yourself...