dr Mohammad Nasser paediatric lecturer in uia kuantan

First time in case write up I wrote "jazakallahukhairan kathiran" specially dedicated to dr naser. I am very appreciate with his effort trying his hard to make us understand in every topics that he delivered. Truly  said that it is difficult nowadays to find a muaalim like him who is sincere and patience in teaching. Even during seminar,supposely the students present the topic but then at the end of the class,dr still expalain to us every single thing that the presenter had already presented in the simplest form to make us understand in easy and systematic way...he has the special capability in delivering knowledge in his own way that not all the teachers have nowadays... He always starts our class with selawat to the prophet muhammad and ending the lesson with some islamic input and recitation of doa asking for forgiveness from Allah... may Allah grant you paradise. Jazakallahukhairan kathiran in everything that you teach us.. I hope I can become like you one day. Bukan mudah untuk mengajar