I love books

Assalamualaikum readers! =p
Now I'm on holiday, next week my last block as a first year medical student begin. You know what? During study week I think a lot! I think about future...hehe just thinking and listing the things I need to do during this one week holiday. You can try this method if you feel stress during study week then thinks the things you will do after examination! I listed many100x activities unfortunately,I left the paper in the hostel hahahaha

But I still can recall it. Don't worry for me.hehe
One of them is I want to finish some of my COLLECTION books.deep meaning here... I spent my scholarship to buy those books during foundation. Hehe just like to buy in intention to read it too..but I could only khatam I think 4-7books completely haha cant remember...others just so so.... Soooooo....... I only have 3days more for this exam breaks...buck up now

In conclusion I do love books... I like to buy and collect books... But I don't know when I'm going to read them from the front cover to the end of the page!! huahuahua

Gambate amalina! My books 1 Lori https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=322870941133324&l=42b0e15307 hm.P/s: i cannot upload picture in my blog coz susahnya pakai apple ni.rasa Mcm nk makan je grrrrrrrrr


before the end of block 3

exam 2 more weeks!!!

ya ALLAH helps me to digest the knowledge~

i clean up all my stuff,pens,ruler,pendrive with this special tissue after having many100x microbiology practicals huhu facing with e.coli, klebsiella, pseudomonads, salmonella...etc

my new slippers after it having deep sleep inside the box for many2 months huhu..i'm gonna use it in the hospital visit tomorrow~

let us recite al-quran together-gather~ kalamullah are the most perfect words!
cadar sedang di basuh~

end of block 3, this compartment will be emptied~ no more things here~

new compartment is waiting for me..help me to bring all these stuff there =( 'tak larat mak'

if u cannot see it,  u can directly ask me =p
 lastly, i end my blog  presentation by sharing these do'a to all readers....
before you start your activity, say bismillahirrahmanirrahim and end it with alhamdulillah =p

good luck exam block 3 year 1!!!!! go go fighting!!!! pray 4 me =p