they inspire you.

dato Harbahajan. i still remember  my class during my 3rd year time with him. having one bedside teaching with him. lot of things he shared. from thehistory how to clerk, take  a good history. alhamdulillah during my end posting exam during 3rd year. the same case that he had taught me. i can answered. he is humble. now im in my final year. but he is retired from uia. and i joined his ot room. he was very kind and allow us to observe the surgery. you know, usually, students like to take signs for the logvook procedure. and dato' very kind, it was easy for us as he finished the ot he directly sign our logbook. he is very humble..very3 humble. unlike nowadays, MO, junior specialist sometimes they tired and have no time to entertain us. sometimes new lecturers they are more sarcastic in the class and felt tired to teach and repeat the same teaching with us, with too many groups. but i just salute with senior lecturers, even we like to irritate them by not giving correct answer to their questions in the class, they still lecture us, taught us.

you know, being a lecturer at the same time doing your duties as a specialist is not an easy job. i respect all my lecturers as they have passion in teaching us even they are tired.. although we are not able to achieve to their expectation. their teaching make us more wiser and they mould us to be a good doctors. thank you, i just pray that all of my lecturers who sacrifice their time, and energy will gain soemthing in the hereafter as have been promised by Allah. May Allah bless all of you.

i dont know how to repay it. but i hope i can be a good doctor, and treat my patient well, and my lecturers will get the same pahala as they taught me how to treat people wisely.