mengapa nak jadi doctor?

"saya nak jadi doctor sebab gaji doctor banyak .....kalau itu yang kamu fikirkan,baik lupakan saja kerjaya doctor ni.."

ni adalah salah satu daripada nasihat Dr.Danial Zainal Abidin waktu program Fiqh Perubatan kat UIA baru-baru ni.betul tu,ramai yang salah anggap tentang kerjaya doctor ni..

ada yang cakap jadi doctor ni senang,contohnya bukak klinik setiap hari ada je pesakit datang dan doctor akan tanya "ya,cik sakit apa? "
"dekat mana sakitnya?"

then, bagi ubat terus.. the end....

kalau ikutkan proses nak jadi seorang doctor ni,sangat la sukar,
kena belajar 5 tahun,kalau fail kena repeat year, bukannya repeat sem...
lepas tu kena jadi houseman(HO) selama 2 tahun,waktu ni pulak memang akan tension yang teramat sebab sebagai seorang doctor pelatih memang banyak kesalahan yang perlu diperbetulkan oleh senior-senior.
even ada yang kena marah depan pesakit.

satu hari tu,saya pergi  klinik ..
doctor ni sangatla muda...
dia pon tanya,adik belajar kat mana..amik course apa?

dia pon kata, "jadi doctor ni bukannya senang,
ada kawan doctor ni,dia dah belajar 5 tahun.bila start jadi HO, dia terus tukar career.sebab dia tak ada jiwa dalam bidang kedoktoran ni.

jadi doctor ni bukan je kena marah dengan pakar-pakar..tapi pesakit pun boleh marah kita.

contohnya,berdasarkan pengalaman seorang doctor ni,
ada seorang pesakit dia telan racun,tapi tak tau racun apa,
jadi dia suruh nurse masukkan air banyak-banyak dalam badan pesakit ni,jadi dia pon banyaklah kencing.
yang nurse ni,asyik marah je dengan doctor ni sebab menyusahkan dia kena sentiasa cucikencing pesakit ni.

satu hari,waktu doctor ni sembahyang,dia tak pakai name-tape sebab Allah tau nama dia..buat apa nak pakai nametape..tiba-tiba seorang laki bawak parang masuk bilik dia dan tanya siapa yang rawat budak perempuan yang telan racun tu? lepas tu dia junamkan parang tu kat meja doctor ni..

doctor ni pon kata "sekejap saya panggil doctor tu".
kebetulan toilet tengah renovate,dia pon amik penukul sambil sorak belakang badan dia..
sampai-sampai kat meja dia pon ketuk-ketuk parang tu sampai tak nampak...
doctor ni pon jawab,"SAYALAH DOCTOR TU,KENAPA?"
laki tu terus lari lintang pukang..

ha..kan sangat-sangat berisiko....Allah je yang dapat tolong saat tu,yang nurse tu pulak sorok bawah katil pesakit sampai tersekat tak boleh nak keluar balik...

um,tapi saya tetap yakin,FOR THE SAKE OF THE UMMAH!

macam artikel kat bawah ni,bacalah sedikit sebanyak untuk betulkan balik apa tujuan anda nak jadi doctor.

Believe in what already and will be happen afterward  is the best of what He had already planned to us. Every single things that Allah create in this earth and even this whole universe have its own ‘hikmah’ beneath it. Every hardship and difficulties that we faced is one way of tarbiyyah by Him. He taught us by the way He want to. That’s what make us become a human being.

So here I am  and I’m gonna giving some advices to me myself as well as build back my spirit inside me as I should always accept His will with gratefulness and cardiomegaly =). I really mean it, by really really thankful to Him by placing me the way I am now. He knows the best for me and you. He will never ever put us in a situation that we are unable to carry on with it. This is His promise and will always be true.

By His will, I am now choosing a hard path and I’m never felt afraid as He always be there, looking at me and ready of giving His ‘hand’ to help me whenever wherever I’m feeling down and messed up with my probs. But actually its kind of success for me as I’m already get ‘pass’ marks by successfully gone through it. To be honest, yes I choose medical school because my parent want me to.

It  is so unexpectable, there are so many many many medical/dental student out there who did take this road because of their parent ask so. And so do i. I’m expecting of me, the only one who choose this hard path because of my parent want me to. Being a doctor in my future are something which never ever come across into my mind long long time ago.

Since I was a little girl, my ambition is always changeable. Starting with I do and always want to become a teacher. The reason is might be I’m surrounding by people who taught me from knowing the single letter of  a,b,c until I can fastly read a book. Impressing with this noble job I’m thinking of being of one of them when I’m grown up later on. As to apply my super duper noble and kind ambition in so that little age, sometimes  me and my others cutey lovely friends will always playing ‘teacher-teacher’=P . By practicing of being like a matured and brilliant teacher plus becoming like other ‘adult’. Kinda fun. =)

Up to next stage, I’m starting to think of a little bit high. Like an ‘adult’ child [konon]. Huhu.. and yet my ambition was a little bit up to. I’m starting to think of being a lecturer. Same as teacher but a little bit higher and maybe harder as lecturer need to teach ‘adult’ students. I’m stick to this ambition until I’m up to lower grade of secondary school. Interesting right coz I’m such a loyal person too [to my ambition lahh=P]

Up to form 5, during my mock interview, my ambition also change as I’m also change since I got placed in a boarding school. I’m start to think serious of what am I gonna be later on. Since that, I’m stick to doctor! Because my parents want me to. Because they really really want me to be a doctor. A good muslim doctor.

Now, almost 1 year and half I’m here. In medical school. Doing MBBS. Because of them. I love them so  I need to make it till the end. My interest in this field starting to grew as I’m learning many new things. Its all about our life. About anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, pharmacology and many many more. And I’m starting to love all of this subjects even they gave me headache, tachycardia sometimes [ continuously actually ^_^] And this is what we called medical students.

Being a medical student, we need to love love love reading. Even it is not taught by the lecturers, we need to find it out by ourselves. Medicine is not something of give and take. It is something that need effort of the one who involves in it to keep on searching and learning. It is a field of long-life learning. Till the end, we need to learn. Even, those who already got ‘Prof Dr’ or something like that need to learn more. Even he or she already a specialist in his field, he still need to learn and learn.

Being a doctor, there are so many expectation from people surrounding. They expecting of the best we should give to them. They need help and we need to help them by the best we can. And that the goal. We help people to get better because of Allah. From here, our intention is most important! Setting a good intention for the sake of people’s life. Even we are too busy with our job even we are too stress with patients that continuously coming, we still need to give the best. Treat them well as we treat our family. Because what we did are being wrote by Raqib and Atid. And will be judge by Allah later on.

Believe in He always be there for us to ask help. He will never ever disappoint us. He will help us by the way he want. It is about we realize it or not. Sometimes what we think that He keep on testing us but actually He are helping us. He will reward us by the time we pass the test. Doesn’t it sounds great? Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. ‘ala kulli hal ya Rabb.

And to be noted that being a doctor is being a da’ie with a big responsible. I still remembered of my murobbi had said, “…u should not let this chance go as u can be the real daie later on. People keep searching you because of their disease and you should take this opportunity to make them as your mad’u. By the time they meet you, you should ‘lighten up’ their heart and soul by giving just few sentences of tazkirah in just few seconds. Make them remember in Allah. Even in just one seconds...”

So, from now on what I need is to set up my intention. I am now in this field for the sake of Islam. Not for my benefit. But for Islam, my Deen, my way of life. Being a good doctor, a professional Muslim doctor by showing qudwah hasanah to the patients, nurses, staffs and others. This is what Prophet SAW had taught us. Touch people’s heart by the way we act. Take them with us by the way we treat them. And this is my promise to me myself. Allah and Rasulullah is the most upper mission. And Kalamullah will be always by my side, inside my heart, lighten up my soul. To be a good Muslim Mu’min Muhsin doctor for the sake of my Deen, Islam! inshaALLAH...^___^

Don't be just any doctor, be a MUSLIM DOCTOR!