salam, hai! this week is my last week for paeds posting. and i lost my logbook yesterday. i just realized it last morning when im wanted to present my case but i did not have my logbook. logbook? it just like a soul of your life for a medical student, houseman, master students and all the doctors! when im back to my hostel, i'm searching for my logbook everywhere! yes i lost it in the ward!

6.30pm already. just tired waiting for class at 5pm for half an hour but then class cancel. at night 8.30pm i have class with prof nasser. i need to go back to the ward! i still have the  spirit to search for my logbook even i know that the probability to find it is 50 50. but hoping a miracles to happen.
hurm, then i went back to hospital. through the journey, i hope Allah will help me to find my precious logbook. i recite  lailahaila anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzalimin..

when i reached to paeds ward, i asked the satffnurse. where is lost found things. and she told lost and found things in the locker. i tried to search for logbook. none!!!!!

then i went to cardiac table of the last patient i went yesterday. wow! too much bedticket were stacked altogether! how if my logbook were hide in one of those bedticket? then i just calm.. and hope to find it. and just tawakkal if i cannot found it. i need to whole things from the beginning. all the clerking that i have already finished. taking sign for the procedure that i have already took.... 4 days to go for the end block exam!!!! so stress. surprisingly, i take up 1 of the bedticket.. no. my logbook is not there.. another bedticket.. no still not there. then a bedticket above the chest xrays...
alhamdulillah!! a green book is there!!!! alhamdulillah.....alhamdulillah...

all things become easy when you asked Allah for help.

another thing i wanted to share.
i love prof nasser class....today he reminds us a lot of islamic things... we need to renew our intention study to become  a safe doctor..many things that he touched for the islamic messages... alhamdulillah. i hope i can have someone that always love to give me motivation and remind me towards Allah, rasullullah... akhlaq,., and all the good stuffs... because we tend to forget and become stray away from the religion if no one arounnd us to remind the good things that we should instill in our  heart soul and llife.... hoping for the best...may Allah bless =p