seseri zenith 2007 2008

just miss this moment. when we are students. when we are seserians.... even you are far from your family but friends here always made your day. study together..sleep together... we helps each other... i miss you seseri.... truly i was stressed during staying in seseri because it was like in a prison. but once i left the school.it was a very precious moment. when many people love you. teachers,friends all are caring.... sampaikan salam ku pada seseri ;)

hey friends out there..miss you.. and forgive me... stay healty! may Allah bless!

*video credit to juniors. during my time, i didnt bring camera to school.... but this video shows hows our life there..


ortho ortho ortho

salam now sesi berceloteh. posting ortho many things to learn. i just wanted to share my feeling that i am very2 thankful to the lecturers yang sudi bagi saya menumpang kasih sayang join teaching group mentee mereka... macam mr syuk, mr adham,mr goh memang sselalulah sibuk menyelit kelas mentee mereka. alhamdulillah moga Allah memberi ganjaran di akhirat nanti.... sangat terharu dengan my lecturers yang bersungguh-sungguh deliver the knowledge.... i love them!