Hospital visit (HTAA)

assalamualaikum to all readers..
today i have a hospital visit . it was fun and nice visiting when my lecturers, dr azlin and dr azura( both are radiologist = which i hope i can be like them.amin ) can usher us and give details information about every departments we visited. and doctors also treated us with a cup of ice cream!!! doctor said that they are very dissapointed with the houseman'performance currently and they hope that we will becoming the good muslim doctor one day....
we went to casualty, radiology & psychiatry department.
at psychiatsy department,,during the briefing given by dr azlin at that department .... it was fun when the patients welcome you and wave at you. besides, they started to recite takbir raya. i could not control my smile that time. hurm, just wondering why they recite takbir? =p

there, i could see the real machine that we spoke during pbl task. it was for electroconvulsive therapy for the psychiatric patients.. if you interesting to know the procedure, you can google it. huhu
at radiology department, we could see MRI,CT  SCAN machines. its all about machines!!! huhu many things to share here. but i just want to highlight the advice from the doctors...

she said that once you become a doctor, you will go through different stages of it. Housemen,Medical Officer, specialist..
you will have some kind of feeling. whether you start to feel arrogant with your position as you go through the stages or you start to feel you are just at the bottom level..nothing to be pride,right ..
then,  i realize to become a doctor you need to prepare mentally,physically,intellectually and not to forget.. spiritually too... when you working.. you are just like visiting the patients and get pahala when visit them. it is just easiest thing to get pahala when you become a doctor. but it depends on your intention.

"during studying, you only think to pass the exam".. what the doctor said was true. I'm also think like that actually. although i know i am gaining knowledge because of Allah. but still the purpose is  to pass the exam.. exam exam exam exam exam and finally...then you can graduate.
.then, i start to realize that all the knowledge i got from block 1 year 1 and for the future blocks. i should carried them together during clinical years,HO,MO....
in simple words,every simple and difficult things is just at your fingertips.
if not you will be in trouble and worst doctor if you cannot handle the patients without knowledge. you might also killed the patients you know..
"And say: My Lord increase me in knowledge."
(Qur'an, Ta-Ha 20:114)

then, as a professional doctor you should be able to communicate well with patients, nurses, the senior doctors...at least you are fluent in speaking these two languages: english and malay. it is very good and fantastic if you could speak arabic too  =p
so, i think i must improve my english especially and now i'm blogging in english!

wow, i took my time here. let's continue studying! ok.. nice if i could share more here. but that's all i think =p
so,fighting!!! mujahadah to be the best muslim and muslimah doctors. insyaallah
finally, i left kalamullah for you to ponder it.

لا يكلف الله نفسا إلا وسعها

(2:286) Allah does not burden any human being with a responsibility heavier than he can bear.

one more thing to remember... the most importance knowledge is the knowledge that make us fear Allah more more and more......
 Abu Hurayrah relates that the Prophet said, "For him who embarks on the path of seeking knowledge, Allah will ease for him the way to paradise." (Related by Muslim)
"I heard Allah's Messenger saying, "If Allah wants to do good to a person, he makes him very knowledgeable in the Deen." (Related by Bukhari and Muslim) 

syukran jazilan for reading this post =p