Lirik Lagu Mikraj Cinta – Siti Nurhaliza

Langit malam bercahaya
Yang terlihat limpahan sinaranNya
Takkan jemu tangisan rindu
Bagai dekat getaran panggilanMu
Pada mikraj cinta ada rahsianya
Pada mikraj cinta ada jawapannya
Pada mikraj cinta berbahasa agung kalimahNya
Tuhan tetapkanlah
Jiwa hati kami semua
Sehingga bertemuMu menatapMu
Nanti di sana
Tuhan temukanlah
Pengakhiran yang terindah
Sehingga bertemuMu
Menghadapmu di syurga
Takkan jemu tangisan rindu
Bagai dekat getaran panggilanMu
Pada mikraj cinta ada rahsianya
Pada mikraj cinta ada jawapannya
Pada mikraj cinta berbahasa agung kalimahNya
Bukalah mata hati
Bukalah cermin mimpi
Moga jalanku tidak keliru
Berkelana mencariMu
Tuhan temukanlah
Pengakhiran yang terindah
Sehingga bertemuMu
Menghadapmu di syurga
Ya Tuhan sembuhkanlah
Jiwa-jiwa yang berduka
Kembali berbicara
Dan mengukir senyuman
Tuhan temukanlah
Dengan hikmah mikraj cinta


dr Mohammad Nasser paediatric lecturer in uia kuantan

First time in case write up I wrote "jazakallahukhairan kathiran" specially dedicated to dr naser. I am very appreciate with his effort trying his hard to make us understand in every topics that he delivered. Truly  said that it is difficult nowadays to find a muaalim like him who is sincere and patience in teaching. Even during seminar,supposely the students present the topic but then at the end of the class,dr still expalain to us every single thing that the presenter had already presented in the simplest form to make us understand in easy and systematic way...he has the special capability in delivering knowledge in his own way that not all the teachers have nowadays... He always starts our class with selawat to the prophet muhammad and ending the lesson with some islamic input and recitation of doa asking for forgiveness from Allah... may Allah grant you paradise. Jazakallahukhairan kathiran in everything that you teach us.. I hope I can become like you one day. Bukan mudah untuk mengajar


why and how to love nabi Muhammad s.a.w

Nabi Muhammad s.a.w was a rahmatan lil alamin.(peace be upon him.

he loves us. he always prayed for us. he is the one who will give syafaah for his ummat (Muslim).
he woke up at night for tahajud prayer and he prayed for us... he loves his ummat. if you love Muhammad, follow him. follow his sunnah. he cried for his ummat.

how to become a good muslim.
ask Allah for forgiveness.do taubat nausha. don't repeat the mistakes.pray tahajud. ask Allah to for us to become a soleh person. pray to give us barakah in our life.
 pray for istiqamah in doing good deeds. do cognitive therapy. take 5minutes to always ponder about the creations  and relate it with the greatness of Allah.
always remember  the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. his ethics(adab) his good akhlak is super awesome. even he was chased out,  being treated badly by quraisy but he still show good ethics towards them.  be like him. try to be better everyday. try the best to become a good muslim.you still not love the prophet until you lovr him more than your parents, family and yourself...


interbatch games 2016 final year..

alhamdulillah. tak habis penat final year project sambung pula dengan interbatch games. my batch is awesome!
Track and Field, volleyball, dogeball, futsal, badminton etc...  GOLD!!!
netball silver...

closing ceremony tonight at sport complex!

final year project. school attack in SMK Bukit Sagu! membanteras gejala social. dadah. seks bebas di kalangan remaja. bahaya merokok..

Final year project in smk bukit sagu checked .sharing knowledge about drugs opiod,cannabis, ectasy,metamphetamine, alcohol throuh games.. sexual problems and smoking problems through hembusan cinta presentation..
Nowadays, social-related issues have become major attention of the public to the point that even primary school children can talk and follow the trend regardless of its moral value. Issues related to smoking, drug abused and sexual misconduct are those that have never cease to settle down.
The most recent tobacco survey conducted in 2011 showed that 23.1% or 4.75 million Malaysian aged 15 years old and above are current smokers of tobacco, [Institute for Public Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia. Report of the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) Malaysia, 2012.]
According to National Drug Agency (ADK),the drop in secondary school enrolment can be linked to other threats such as substance abuse, which poses a risk to some adolescents. Statistics from the National Drug Agency show that 65% of drug users detected in 2009 had only completed their secondary education up to the age of 15.
Becoming more obvious, every year, more than 10 000 adolescent girls become pregnant and give birth in Malaysia, with all the ensuing personal and social risks. [National Population and Family Development Board Malaysia.The National Study on Reproductive Health and Sexuality of Adolescent in Malaysia 2006/2007: Executive Summary National Population and Family Development Board Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2008)]
The main objective of this program is to implement awareness among the teenagers in regards to current social problems such as smoking, substance abuse and unhealthy sexual habits among teenagers.
The holistic objective of this program is to cultivate a balanced growth of personality and skills through tarbiyyah of the spirit, the intellect, the emotions and the physical willingly and joyfully for the sake of Allah swt. The aspects of excellent attitude are the features of outstanding attitude towards Allah, oneself, teacher and colleagues.
Eventually, this program will enhance the knowledge, attitude, soft skills and leadership among the students in developing an excellent future generation.

some pamphlets about type of drugs, sexual problems, HIV, smoking, vape were distributed to the students at the end of the programme.

 Alhamdulillah programmes run smoothly, students enjoyed! well done. thank you all committee!!! good teamwork! Alhamdulillah