ibubapa cemerlang

salam hai!
yesterday i had class with KKM dr.. dr zainal abidin emergency medicine physician...
it was in the evening after solat jumaat, he brought her daughter in the class.

she was properly dressed. covering her aurah, perfectly with scarft, stocking, all complete..very small person, i think she is about 7-8 years..maybe..

during the class, my  friend heard she was reading ayatul quran.. you know now is ramadhan month. even she is small, very innocent.. she appreciate her time with reading the quran..

even her father is a busy person. you know. head of department emergency and trauma. with oncalls. but he can train her daughter very well...

i hope i can be a good parent. no matter how busy you are. there is no excuse to abandon your children in term of nurturing them to become a good person especially in religious view.  

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