how to become a lovely teacher

salam,i want to share some tips today..as for me.. i have a dream to become a lecturer one day...inshaAllah..

today i am very happy because when i was doing my anaest posting in general operation theathre, i was surrounded by very kind specialist and MO who are not our lecturers.they are kementerian kesihatan doctors but still eager to teach us.

to talk about being a teacher,  good words are sedekah. we tend to get angry and scold students when they are not performing or not good enough or has poor knowledge. For me, as i am a student ,i can see actually how a teacher should be, what you need to do if you want your students good in term of knowledge and attitude. Actually to become a good teacher, you need to have a very strong heart, to become very patient teacher, even though  your students do not understand. just take a deep breath, explain again.. repeat and repeat again until they understand what you want to deliver. sometimes, lecturers like to judge students negatively..."ohh they know nothing, you are not studying." actually as a teacher you should give strong  motivation to your student. not to condemn them which this thing just make them far away from you and sometimes they will become uninterested to continue study and know more about the things that you want them to know.

for example, in this situation/ you as a teacher, you feel that, ahhh this student . why they are doing this..why you like to do wrong things..instead of complaining.. you should correct them and guide them properly...therefore, you will create a generations who are knowledgeable, has postitive thinking, good attitude... and skillful in their field instead of let them being neglected

all the best! mestilah berjiwa besar untuk menjadi seorang pengajar... besabar...bersabar dan bersabar... throw good words only... dont get too angry... be  approachable and lovely to your students! and the most important things is to tajdid your niah... your intention in teaching..lillahitaala. you are delivering the knowledge...it benefits people... benefits forever and ever..the chain of delivering the knowledge from one generation to another generation..the pahala will be doubled tripled...later. you still get the reward even after your death.

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